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Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Under no circumstances shall Nokia be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused. Redialling To redial one of the last 10 phone numbers you have ed or attempted to , press once in standby mode, scroll with or to the phone number or name you want, and press . 21 Answering a In standby mode, press answering, press..answer. .

Sony Ericsson T250i disassembly, screen replacement and repair The contents of this document are provided "as is". Press to increase or to decrease the volume of the earpiece or headset. Press End to end the (or to cancel the attempt). Key in the phone number or select it from the phone book and press . Speed dialling Press Menu, select Contacts and Speed dials. Select whether you want to assn to or to SMS. After the phone number has been assned to a number key, you can speed dial the number in the following ways: Press the corresponding number key and then press , or If Speed dialling is set to "on", press and hold the corresponding number key until the is started (see settings on page 44). To divert or reject the without In- operations During a , press and Options for some of the following functions. Mute or Unmute, Hold or Unhold, New , Answer, Reject, End all s, Contacts, Send DTMF, Swap, Menu and Flasht on or Flasht off. Learn how to take apart and fix your broken Sony Ericsson T250i mobile phone with our free tutorial, pictoral guide, recommended tools, tips and info.

VoyForums BCR AOL Alumni Board Except as required by applicable law, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this document. Further detailed information is given in this manual. See steps 4 and 5 in Inserting a SIM card on page 12. Making a using the phone book In standby mode, press to find the name you want. Making a conference Conference is a Network Service that allows up to four people to participate in the same . Listening to voice messages Voice mailbox is a Network Service. Audi a4 b6 owners manual pdf download rar gta vice city cheater apk. sony w205 pc suite. Sony ericsson t250i download free driver usb

User s Guide for Nokia Issue 1 - PDF - Nokia reserves the rht to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. 8 Network Services The wireless phone described in this guide is approved for use on the EGSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks. Check with your local service provider if you can subscribe to and use this feature. Aln the top of the front cover with the top of the phone and press the front cover to lock it into place (7). Putting on the wrist strap Thread the strap through the holes as shown in the picture and then thten it. To make international phone s: Add a " " by pressing twice, and add the country (or region) code in front of the area code (delete the leading 0 if necessary). For more information and to receive your voice mailbox number, contact your service provider. User s Guide for Nokia Issue 1 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, NOKIA. User guide T250i Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson T250i.

Hangwire - DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, NOKIA CORPORATION declare under our sole responsibility that the product Rh-18 is in conformity with the provisions of the following Council Directive: 1999/5/EC. Sony Ericsson C902 Sony Ericsson C903. Sony Ericsson T250i Sony Ericsson. by Hangwire. sony_cmd-x2000_serv-man_- Service Manual CMD-X2000

Optional. The Rugged Phone RUGGED MOBILE PHONE. Language A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at Copyrht 2003 Nokia. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited. T9 text input software Copyrht (C) Tegic Communications, Inc. Nokia and Nokia Connecting People are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Nokia reserves the rht to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. To make a to a new participant, press and Options, and select New . When the new has been answered, add it to the conference by pressing and Options and selecting Conference. To add another new participant to the , repeat steps 1 to To end the conference , press End. Please take some time to read this manual to fully understand how to use the. User guide T250i Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson.

SmartMoto Unlocking Manual. Smart-Clip is a The availability of particular products may vary by region. Contents FOR YOUR SAFETY...7 General information...10 Stickers in the sales package...10 Access codes Getting started...12 Inserting a SIM card...12 Charging the battery...14 Keys and connectors...15 Display and standby mode...16 Changing the covers...17 Putting on the wrist strap...18 Flasht functions...20 Making a ...20 Making a using the phone book...20 Making a conference ...20 Redialling...21 Speed dialling...21 Answering a ...22 In- operations...22 Listening to voice messages...22 Locking the keypad Writing text...24 Setting predictive text input on or off...24 Copyrht 2003 Nokia. 3 Using predictive text input...24 Writing compound words...25 Using traditional text input Menu functions...27 List of menu functions...28 Messages (Menu 01)...31 Write messages...31 Reading a text message (Inbox)...33 Sent items...33 Drafts...34 Chat...34 Picture messages...34 Receiving a picture message...35 Distribution lists...35 Templates...36 Smileys...36 Delete messages...36 Message settings...37 Profile 1 (Menu )...37 Common (Menu )...37 Info service...38 Voice mailbox number...38 Service command editor...38 Contacts (Menu 2 )...38 Searching for a name and phone number...39 Settings for Contacts...40 register (Menu 3)...40 Recent lists...41 Copyrht 2003 Nokia. 4 counters and timers...41 Tones (Menu 4)...42 Profiles (Menu 5)...43 Settings (Menu 6)...44 Time settings...44 Clock...44 Date setting...44 Auto update of date & time...44 settings...44 Phone settings...46 Enhancement settings...46 Keyguard settings...47 Security settings...48 Restore factory settings...49 Alarm clock (Menu 7)...49 Reminders (Menu 8)...50 Games (Menu 9)...50 Extras (Menu 10)...51 Calculator...51 Making a calculation...51 Making a currency conversion...52 Stopwatch...52 Countdown timer...53 Composer...53 Screen saver...53 Flasht...54 SIM services (Menu 11) Battery information...55 Copyrht 2003 Nokia. ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Do not use a hand-held phone while driving. A number of features included in this guide are ed Network Services. 16 Changing the covers Before changing the cover, always switch off the power and disconnect the phone from the charger or any other device. Press the new keymat into the new front cover starting from the top (5). Flasht Your phone has a built-in flasht that you can use. To your voice mailbox, press and hold in standby mode. Download PDF English or Italian version of User's Manual for SmartMoto v.1.23. Sony Ericsson J110i, J120, J132, T250i, T303, Z250i, Z320i unlock procedure.

Sony Ericsson T250i Manual Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Sony Ericsson T250i.

<strong>Sony</strong> <strong>Ericsson</strong> <strong>T250i</strong> disassembly, screen replacement and repair
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