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Harry Denton breaks world record for longest wheelie nz The record, set in 2011 by American Zachary Hutelin, was 209.2 metres. Denton easily beat the record on his first attempt, achieving a measured 277m. Harry Denton of Nelson set a new "manual" record of 334 metres using a taxi way at Nelson Airport to freewheel on his back wheel. A small.

Latvian BMX pro sets nose manual world record His second go was even more impressive - so good, in fact, that he ran out of straht airport taxiway and finished on a curve. Dāvis Dudelis is a 25-year-old flatland BMX pro from Latvia who recently set the world record for the longest nose manual ever 860 feet.

WORLDS LONGEST BMX NOSE MANUAL 2015 - DAVIS DUDELIS. A small crowd of keyed-up family members and friends were at Nelson Airport on Wednesday afternoon to see Harry Denton try to make history. The Nelson 16-year-old didn't just beat the world record for the longest "manual", he obliterated it. This BMX Nose Manual record was set in Ra, Latvia on September 9th, 2015. Total distance - 263 meters. Booking for professional BMX.

Video Chris Smith And His World Record Manual - Pinkbike A "manual" is a bicycle stunt in which the rider balances on his back wheel without pedalling. Chris Smith recently broke the record for the world's longest manual. I ride a bmx so i dont have a brake to help me and its even harder!

Longest manual on a bicycle - World Record Academy READ MORE: Teenaged rider quietly confident of record Aided by a stiff tail wind - permitted by Guinness World Records - the Nelson College student used his specially adapted jump bike to reach around 50kmh before lifting his front wheel and coasting the record distance. NELSON, New Zealand -- Harry Denton of Nelson set a new "manual" world record of 334 metres using a taxi way at Nelson Airport to.

Davis Dudelis Surveyor Andrew Stanger had previously measured the course and was on hand to confirm the distances Denton covered, his announcements greeted with whoops, cheers and applause by the crowd. Pro BMX Flatland rider from Ra, Latvia. Riding shows, contests and also teaching kids to ride BMX. World record - longest BMX Nose Manual 2014.

Harry Denton breaks <strong>world</strong> <strong>record</strong> for <strong>longest</strong> wheelie nz
Latvian <b>BMX</b> pro sets nose <b>manual</b> <b>world</b> <b>record</b>
<b>WORLDS</b> <b>LONGEST</b> <b>BMX</b> NOSE <b>MANUAL</b> 2015 - DAVIS DUDELIS.
Video Chris Smith And His <b>World</b> <b>Record</b> <b>Manual</b> - Pinkbike
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Davis Dudelis
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