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Cal data - Grand Théâtre de Québec

Cal data - Grand Théâtre de Québec A handful of the top mixing engineers simply will not work on anything else. Double-purchase manual. 8" 20 cm centers. 1 pair of legs fixed to the service gallery. • 1 pair of legs on batten. HHB BurnIT 830 PLUS. • 1 mini-disc player/.

Studio 3 IPR

Studio 3 IPR Even more importantly, SSL’s flexible modular desns and features have been emulated by dozens of console manufacturers. HHB CDR-830 BurnIt Plus. Mic Pre/Di API 512C Mic Pre 6; Great River MP-2NV Dual Preamp. Compressors/Limiters/EQ DBX 160XT Compressor/Limiter 2.

Operating Instructions - <strong>HHb</strong>

Operating Instructions - HHb Very recently, most of the music you heard on the radio was likely mixed on Solid State Logic (SSL) consoles. READ INSTRUCTIONS — All the safety and operating. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS — All operating and use. Features of the CDR-830 BurnIT CD recorder.

Studio 2 IPR

Studio 2 IPR Many of the world’s premiere studios still operate around these desks. Yamaha NS-10M Speakers; Furman Cue System Stereo HA-6AB SP-20A. Machines Studer A-827 2″ 24-Track Analog Recorder; HHB CDR-830 BurnIt Plus.

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Home CD CD Recorders eBay Add to that an impressive list of outboard gear including industry standard analog processing from API, Great River, Summit, UREI, and Empirical Labs and dital effects units from Eventide and Lexicon, you have an ideal tracking and mixing environment. It will be supplied with its Remote Control Unit, its Instruction Manual & a Pair of Connecting Cables. £149.99. HHB Burn It CDR-830 Professional CD Recorder.

Camp Director Planning Packet - Frontier Ranch! - Young Life

Camp Director Planning Packet - Frontier Ranch! - Young Life This is why the SSL 4000G series console (a 4040G to be exact) is at the center of studio two, one of IPR’s two large-format analog rooms. Please use the following timeline as a reference guide as you plan your trip. It describes. HHB BurnIt CDR-830 CD recorder/player. Video System Panasonic.

Ritmo&Blu Studio - Studiotime

Ritmo&Blu Studio - Studiotime The console is combined with a Pro Tools®|HD3 Accel r with a multitude of hh-definition I/O and 24 tracks of analog 2-inch to cover any input requirements. Trks □ DAT Fostex D-5 □ HHB BurnIt CDR830 CD Recorder HARDWARE - FX PROCESSOR □ Lexicon 224XL □ Tc Electronic System.

Studio A IPR

Studio A IPR Machines Studer A-827 2″ 24-Track Analog Recorder; Studer A80RC 1/2″ 2 Track Analog Recorder; HHB CDR-830 BurnIt Plus. Compressors/Limiters/Gates.

Studio B IPR

Studio B IPR HHB CDR-830 Burnit Plus; Panasonic DMP-BD85 BluRay Player; AJA Gen 10 Tri-Level Sync Generator. Workstation Apple® Dual 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel.

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CD Recorders Forum - Which type of cdblank disc should one use to record? Jim Bob Jones, 5. 2006-04-19. Manual or help with Philips cdr-930, Kristiina Uolia, 1, 2006-04-11. 2005-11-04. HHB CDR830 Burnit work off a Bose Wave Radio?

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