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Ford Focus Warning Reviews - Top 10 Problems You Must No one could fix them rht, still squeaked loudly. But they thought it was the battery so they fixed that for me then The check engine lht was on brought it to my mechanic and they said it needed a thermostat and new hoses. Then the ac compressor went out and had that towed because it LOCKED the whole car up and wouldnt start. Driver seat broke spot welds that hold the seat up rht broke, manual window crank broke off. Here I have a 2003 Ford Focus wagon with 52K miles. We went though a couple of batteries and then had to disable the alarm which kept.

How to Repair a Broken Window Crank Home Guides. - In the 6 months its been on a tow truck 3 times first the alternator that happen 20 min after I bought it! And in this case, the convenience of a crank awning window. Universal Chrome Billet Aluminum Manual Door Handle Crank Window Winder #Vimpression.

The Complete Car Window Replacement Cost Guide For the last NINE months I have had continuous brake problems with no resolution other than Ford uses cheap parts. The salesperson never told me I would have to pay to replace the brakes every 12,000 miles (as they now tell me! I have had this car for less than six years and put less than 40,000miles on it and have had so many issues. So far, new nition cylinder after six months of ownership, new motor mounts, new fog lhts, new throttle cable, more new tires, more new brakes, rear defroster repair, new alternator, driver seat broke (spot welds that hold the seat up rht broke), manual window crank broke off, ECU repair, and none of this is covered by Ford. A vacuum switch was followed by a major transmission malfunction. The visors are poor and the nition switch is faulty. I drive like an old man and have this car serviced regularly (when it is not being repaired). In the last 2 years, my car has been in the shop 5-6 times. Discover how much replacing your car window should cost and everything. You then need to remove any armrests, handles, or window cranks that are. If it is a manual window, you need to test the crank. Ford Focus, 0 – 0.

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