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Pygmy Kayaking This kayak is very quick at handling in all kinds of water. It also is a nice cruiser as I take it out mostly in the south Puget Sound. The Arctic Tern handles beautifully in all conditions that I have encountered. Wherever I am paddling the Arctic Tern always gets compliments. I built it in 2002 and loved it but eventually my interests evolved to camping a racing and the sweet 14 wasn't getting that much use plus I had gained 35lbs. A friend wanted the boat for surfing and finally talked me into selling it. My quest for a kayak began in 2006 when I first saw a Pygmy kayak on the. The orinal objective of this site was to share Pygmy kit construction tips.

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Boat Kit Construction Stitch and Glue Boat Carl Snyder The Arctic Tern 14 is the second Pygmy boat that I have built and was a pleasure to first build and then paddle in a variety of conditions and locations in the N. USA, from the Hudson River valley to eastern Long Island to south Florida. It is visually a beautiful boat, a real standout among all the plastic and fiberglass boats. These step by step videos show the stitch-and-glue kayak construction process. Many builders have ed and written to compliment our manuals as the best.

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Voted best wooden kayak kit I have a 14 ft Artic Turn that I built 11 years ago. Also being wood it attracts lots of attention & even photos. I mentioned that I loved the Tern, he said he wasn't using it and agreed to return it. Plans for wood strip kayaks desns including hundreds of construction pictures of wooden kayaks with how. murrelet pygmy kayak

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Pygmy Wood Kayak Plans - Pygmy Boats & been in the rocky parts of the islands & the kayak is easy to handle. When people are around I always pygmy comments on what a great looking kayak it is. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I am now 70yo and back to my orinal weht also my camping and racing days are nearly over. For these people, we offer full construction plans for five of our kayaks. one 25 page, fully-illustrated construction manual, full parts and material lists, and a list.

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