Apexi safc 1 instruction manual

APEXI S-AFCII SAFC 2 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download. I've disconnected the MAF intercept, and plugged the wire to the ecu (just like the safc were not installed). All the other wires are connected and I can monitor all the other "variables" but the airflow. I set air sensor to "HW-11" (in and out) as explained in the manual.. Put the safc in the Monitor mode and make sure when the car is trying to run the safc is actually reading airflow numbers. APEXi S-AFCII SAFC 2 Instruction Manual. Also See for S-AFCII SAFC 2. Wiring diagram - 64 pages

X-L Dital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge User Manual - Innovate. I've spent several hours reading this forum, and I've seen there are people saying the safc-ii is not compatible with 99 models..... Oh, and I would to be able to write spanish like you write english =)I am not familiar with the fitting of the SAFC-II on the NB. User Manual. 1 X-L. The X-L is an integrated gauge and controller for wideband AFR lambda. 2.1.1 Single Innovate Device Relay Wiring Instructions.

Apexi PowerFC FAQ - I've visited apexi-usa.com, and downloaded the safc-II wiring diagrams, then I checked there was a wiring diagram for 99 models.... I've installed it, and everything seems to be ok, knocking sensor, throtle, rev counter..... Is there an English manual? a PDF copy. How does the PowerFC compare with the Apexi SAFC, AVCR and other Apexi computers. Installation. Mitsubishi EVO V CP9A 4G63 98/1-98/12; Mitsubishi EVO VII CT9A.

PDF Manuals & Documentation - Supracentral But when I try to start the engine, it starts and stops in a few seconds.... anybody have a safc-ii installed on a year 2000 miata? ....sorry about my english (it's not my native languaje)Make sure the SAFC is set to the proper air metter type under ETC>sensor type. Make sure it's set to the upwards facing arrow under car type. Below you'll find a collection of user manuals and wiring diagrams from. APEX Super AFC Gen 1 - analog Manual. Greddy e-Manage Installation Manual.

Apexi safc 1 instruction manual:

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